New Vision Courses at CIAO Seminars

You asked for it, you got it. I have created 4 new, three hour vision courses that offer deep dives and new topics that will help you become a Vision Aware therapist.

Who is CIAO Seminars?

CIAO is a 20 year old CEU provider that still does things “the old way”. Remember when you went to a live course and there was pastries and coffee for breakfast?? The CIAO team still it does it that way, only now, they have a state of the art studio, where you can attend live (if you happen to be at Pensacola Beach soaking up some sun) or watch at home with high quality video and sound. It’s a small team that really cares about therapists and presenting quality courses to help advance your career.

So whats the new Vision Courses??

  • How do we see? This deep dive on the anatomy of the visual system will explain the parts of the eye and visual tract. It will also explain how lenses help you see better. You will even learn hoe tell whats happening in your patient’s glasses.
  • Building the Vision Aware Practice. I started in an OD office and continue to provide vision aware occupational therapy. Its been 8 years now and have learned a bit about what works. This course will teach you about billing, documentation and building relationships with your community and the local ODs.
  • Improving Function After Visual Field Loss We cover assessment and evidence-based treatment options that will you make your patient safer in their environment. Is it neglect? Field Cut? Both?? We cover that too.
  • Decoding Eye Exam Results for the Rehab Professional. Your patient finally gets to see the eye doc! They even bring a copy of the exam…ummm…not too sure what it says? This course walks though the eye exam results and explains common vision based diagnosis as well as the implications for therapy. We will explore 3 eye exams in this class too!

See all of the courses I present with CIAO Seminars and Register today!!

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