Pediatric Vision Tool Kit


Ocular Motor Toolkit

I have assembled a new ocular motor tool kit to help therapists get started assessing and treating ocular motor problems. This kit includes my video, Assessing Eye Movements. It also includes 2 self-guided, narrated, power point presentations:

  • Treating Ocular Motor Problems- Treatment ideas for improving saccades, tracking and convergence with videos taken in the clinic
  • Reversals Recipe- A collection of research and ideas to help improve letter reversals

There’s also printable sheets

  • a reading tips sheet you can share with parents to suggest a binocular vision assessment
  • a reminder sheet for eye exam frequency that can be shared with parents
  • an ocular motor screening sheet with norms
  • HTML files with links to
    • supplies
    • childhood pathologies
    • my favorite vision related resources
  • A glossary of eye movement terms with some recommendations for objective testing when possible.
  • Other tools to help you get started with instructions for use
  • a total of 1.44 Gigs of information!!

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