My Favorite Things

I frequently get asked about the equipment I use, my favorite toys and games, etc. Below are links to the things I use and recommend.

Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links. If you chose to make a purchase, I will be paid a commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support!

The Basics:

The Developmental Eye Movement Test– This saccade assessment will uncover the affect of ocular motor deficits on reading fluency.

Fixation Stick– This is the fixation stick seen in my videos and courses. The small characters and letters can help children attend to the stick as you watch their eyes.

Measuring Fixation stick– Having trouble with measuring the distance for NPC? This fixation stick can help!

The above items come from They will require you to register as a health care provider, but the wording makes it seem like you can only order if you work for an optometrist. Fill out the form and the OD part blank.

Click here to learn more

Understanding and Managing Vision Deficits-A Guide for Occupational Therapists would be a wise investment. Dr. Scheiman’s book explains assessing and treating basic binocular vision defects making the subject approachable for therapists. He also teaches a course by the same name that would be a good start.

We need to be able to recognize dyslexia. This book explains dyslexia and science behind it. . Click here to check it out

Get supplies to make your own Brock Strings here has some great visual perception printables.

Visual Processing Toys and Tools

Follow the Path
Visual Motor Exercises

From Amazon:

Gone fishin-A fun, table top tracking game!

Parquetry Puzzles– One of my favorites because solving these puzzle works on so much. Finding the right piece goes after visual closure and form constancy important in letter reversals and reading

Trangrams– less pieces means more visualization to complete the puzzles.

Spot-It-great for visual discrimination and speeding up visual recognition…more reading skills!!

Puzzles– This is like a candy dish in my office! The kiddos will find a few pieces while I am setting up the next activity.

Pegboards-great fine motor, and spatial awareness.

Simon-Great for working memory and sequencing.

Ring-A-Ding– fine motor, body awareness and sequencing!

Classic Twister-body awareness..because we cannot interact with the environment if we do not know where we are in it.

Perfection-a great game but the kids may like the ticking…but they love it when the pieces pop up!