Vision Rehab Roadshow

The Idea for the Vision Rehab Roadshow

It was a warm fall day when I emailed Dr. Boulet about the prospect of presenting in Canada. It was 70 degrees down in Florida but the temperature in Calgary was considerably lower. It warmed up quickly with the idea of a conference presented by an occupational therapist and an optometrist that focused not on marketing points or theoretical rhetoric but instead was full of information and activities that would give a therapist or teacher usable, accessible ideas and insight to help get the most from their patients and students. The Vision Rehab Roadshow was born.

Who is Dr. Charles Boulet?

If you have been to my course, you heard me describe him as “as cool as you can be and still be an optometrist”. He ruffles feathers in a good way. He has fought for the children of Alberta to establish a standardized visual assessment to improve school performance. He is an advocate for the power of vision and a critic of exaggerated claims. His second and third books are in the works. I have had a peek at “Vision Blindness“, his soon to be published second book and it will be a game-changer for all of us wanting to understand the visual system.

From his biography at

“Dr. Boulet’s professional training includes degrees in neural science, education, and developmental optometry. Beginning his career in the classroom, he taught sciences at the Jr. and Sr. High levels, and pioneered use of computer technology in Alberta schools. He was also involved in curriculum development, creation and assessment of Provincial (diploma) exams. He went on to pursue a career in IT/tech before returning to doctoral studies. His presentations are engaging, relevant, and full of energy.”

What’s the Details??

This is will be a two-day conference with Dr. B and I both presenting topics that will give you the tools you need to add vision rehabilitation to the services offered in your clinic. Be ready for lots of activities, from assessment skills to activities to treat deficits and even a special vision rehab toolkit that will be offered to further your success in treating eye movements, near vision focusing problems and other vision-based learning problems.

When: February 29 and March 1st

Where: Delta Hotels by Marriott Calgary South
135 Southland Drive S.E
Calgary, AB T2J 5X5

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