Robert has e-courses available from several providers.

Little Eyes: Improving Ocular Motor Skills to Improve Function in Children

This up-to-date pediatric course explains the role vision in our pediatric patients as well as how to assess and treat the most common ocular motor problems.

Visual Consequences of Stroke, Brain Injury and Concussion in Adults

This course is all about the visual complaints after neurological events. From field cuts to double vision, this course covers it all.

Innovative Vision Rehab Strategies for PTs, OTs, & SLPs: Don’t Let Vision Limit Your Patient’s Progress

The course explains assessment and treatment of the adult visual system and is perfect for anyone treating adult patients.

Concussions and Other Brain Injuries: Addressing Ongoing Visual Consequences

Progress with concussion patients is often limited by visual problems. Learn to assess and treat those problems in this course.

Vision Mechanic Courses

A great selection of quick courses from Robert and Dr. Charles Boulet including the full 2 day Vision Rehab Roadshow 2020 and more.